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Want a bubble? How about an Arctic Bubble Cabin in Swedish Lapland

by The Travel Magazine
Artic bubble Sweden lapland

A trip to the Arctic can be cosy when you stay in an igloo inspired bubble like the one created by the Ice & Light Village. Their five igloo bubbles are on the banks of the Kalix River in Swedish Lapland and have views over Arctic wilderness.

The cabins stay cosy as they are contained inside a huge, heated bubble a bit like those snow globes you may have had as a child.

The concept is the brainchild of Maarit Lindvall who started developing the project three years ago with Emma Strömberg, an architect from Gothenburg, who designed and built the first-ever Ice & Light cabin. Maarit said:

“We really wanted to create the best private cosy and relaxing space for anybody wanting to connect with Arctic nature, but not lose any of the home comforts and atmosphere you get from a Scandinavian Arctic lodge. Once we had the self-contained cabin designed we wanted to wrap the whole unit in a huge clear slightly heated bubble adding to the comfort of our guests and allowing them to sit comfortably outside their cabin in the Arctic nature warm and comfortable searching for wildlife, and of course the Northern Lights.”

Cabins are mobile and so can be moved to make the most of the season. This winter they will be housed on the banks of the Kalix River which freezes and provides the perfect spot for wildlife watching and Northern Lights hunting. 

Cabin twin
Cabin bubble


ACCOMMODATION: Each cabin sleeps two people and includes an open plan sleeping and sitting area and bathroom, all designed and created with Scandinavian design, complete with roof and wall windows flooding light into the cabin. Amenities include a fridge stocked with local treats for a relaxing breakfast. Each cabin is self-contained, just requiring electricity for heat and light, completely reducing its impact on the local ecosystem.

HOW MUCH: The cabins are available all year round. This will a stay costs from 1690 SEK (the equivalent of £150) for a two-person cabin. This includes a night in the bubble cabin with a twin or double bed, hot water a private bathroom, coffee and tea, breakfast and use of kick sledges.

ACTIVITIES: Rental of ice fishing equipment, snowshoeing, x-country skis and additional activities as husky tours, snowmobile and icebreaker tour are available at an additional cost.

There are some local restaurants nearby, including one owned by a former Swedish master chef finalist.

GET THERE: Fly into Lulea from which it is a 1-hour drive to Kalix and the Ice & Light Village.

MORE INFO: Ice & Light

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