Holographic announcers at Luton Airport

Virtual helpers, Holly and Graham are the world's first holographic airport security team

By TTM on 02 February 2011 in News

London Luton and Manchester Airport are the world's first airports to introduce holographic announcers. 

Next week passengers at both airpots will be welcomed by holograms. It is hoped that the initiative will simplfy the security process at airports and reduce security bag check queues.

The Holograms are both male and female, technically known as tensator virtual assistants, but affectionately referred to as Holly and Graham.

Recordings of actual employees John Walsh and Julie Capper have been appearing to travellers entering the security search area at Manchester's Terminal 1 since Friday. The pair explain the liquid restrictions and remind passengers to have their boarding cards ready.

The new technology, developed with Musion.

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