Ryanair changes baggage rules again this year – to “reduce delays”

From November, non-priority Ryanair customers can only take one small carry on bag but it has to fit under the seat in front.

cabin luggage

Ryanair non priority customers will not only have to fork out £8 to carry on a 10kg wheelie bag at the time of booking their flight, but they will have to check it in at the airport bag drop desk.

Since January, Ryanair put a policy in place where passengers with a second larger bag have to take them to the gate where they are tagged and put in the hold. It was hoped this would relieve delays caused by people struggling to find space for their luggage in overhead lockers. This hasn’t worked as up 120 bags need to be tagged at gates for each flight which is time consuming.

Ryanair says that the new measure should “speed up boarding”. The airline claims that they do not “expect to make more money”.

The move will make it cheaper to pay £6 for priority boarding (around 30 per cent of passengers currently buy this), which allows for two carry on bags including a 10kg wheelie bag, than the £8 that will be charged for having to check in the luggage.

The airline said a new, cheaper fee for checked bags would also be introduced, of £8 per 10kg bag, compared to the current £25 per 20kg bag option.

A small concession is that the maximum size of small bags that can be taken on for free, like handbags or laptop bags, will be increased by 40%, but they still must fit under the seat in front.

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