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Airport Lounge Review: La Revoltosa, Madrid T4

by Martino Matijevic
Madrid Airport, Terminal 4

Our flight from New York to Madrid was turbulent almost from start to finish. When we finally landed in Madrid at 6am, most of us were exhausted. On top of that, our onward flight to Nice was four hours later.

We decided the best way to wait for our flight was in the comfort and quiet of Madrid’s La Revoltosa airport lounge, including a free breakfast.

La Revoltosa airport lounge, Madrid Airport

(c) Martino Matijevic

Who for

Unlike some lounges reserved for Business/First Class passengers, La Revoltosa is open to everyone. Ideal for economy passengers in transit, looking to refresh in between flights. Also, if you have an early morning flight, make the most of the airport lounge to relax and have coffee and hot breakfast.


The lounge is located on the first floor of Terminal 4 in the boarding area reserved for Schengen flights. It is easy to find, but make sure you look out for VIP Lounge and not for La Revoltosa, which is not always signposted.

Food & Drink

light snacks at La Revoltosa airport lounge, Madrid Airport

(c) Martino Matijevic

When we arrived at 7am, light snacks were offered: fresh fruit, hot tortillas (Spanish omlette), selection of sandwiches, olives, chips, peanuts, bread, butter, jam, mini muffins, plain and chocolate doughnuts, natural and fruit yoghurt. In addition to hot coffee (Nespresso), there is a choice of teas, hot chocolate, fruit juices, sodas, bottled water and alcoholic beverages (limited to beer and wine).

Ambience & Furnishing

Clean and tastefully decorated. We arrived early and there were only five other passengers there. But even as the lounge got busier, the 200m² did not feel overcrowded. Overall, it was relatively quiet, despite an odd family with excited children or a person on Skype. The room was furnished with comfortable leather and tissue armchairs and sofas in good condition. Sofas were quickly occupied by tired passengers taking a nap, but this wasn’t a problem as there was plenty of available seating. This is a non-smoking lounge.


Staff were professional but not particularly friendly.


Selection of newspapers and magazines at La Revoltosa airport lounge, Madrid Airport

(c) Martino Matijevic

There was plenty of Spanish press and magazines, but also The Guardian, Financial Times, Le Monde, New York Herald Tribune, GQ, etc.


Included with your price are 30 minutes of free WiFi.


Access to La Revoltosa costs €25 (£22) for up to 3 hrs. Showers are not included and are available for extra an €20.


If, like us, you have a long wait between connecting flights or if you are flying early/late in the day, airport lounge will make a large difference to your flight experience, removing fatigue, hunger, stress and boredom. Considering that for €25 you get a calm place to rest, free food/drinks, lots of reading material and 30 mins of WiFi, this represents an excellent value.

Opening hours: 5:30 to 22:30.

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Disclaimer: Our pass was offered by HolidayExtras but our review remains independent and unbiased.


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