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Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco, May 2018)

by Simon Maurice
Fernando Alonso - Ferrari - 2014 Monaco Grand Prix


The jewel in the crown of any Formula One season is the Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place every year over a weekend in May. The streets of the famous principality have played host to the Formula One world for over eighty years.

The Monaco Grand Prix also has the (well-justified) reputation of attracting the rich and famous but every year tens of thousands of ordinary race fans flock there to view the sight and (incredible) sound of 200 mph projectiles dicing with each other inches away from the barriers in what is almost gladiatorial style combat.

Top 3 tips to ensure your Monaco experience

  1. Although you will find ladies in high heels and gents in couture shoes, it’s better to wear something sensible on your feet, as road closures often make a lot of walking a necessity.
  2. Make sure to take something waterproof as Monaco has had its fair share of wet races over the years and take a hat or head covering of some sort as you will need it whether it is sunny or rainy.
  3. Earplugs/ear defenders are a necessity! – you won’t believe how noisy a Formula One car around the streets of Monaco is, until you experience it first hand, by which stage it will be too late.



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76th Monaco Grand Prix will take place 24-27 May 2018.

How Much

Monaco is a race that everyone even remotely interested in motor racing should do at least once – and there are travel packages that can be done on any scale of budget – from value packages organised by the specialist motor racing tour operators through to hospitality and accommodation on one of the large yachts in Monaco harbour.

There is a huge variety of viewing options and a grandstand ticket is essential (unless you are yacht based) and they start from around €350 for race day (practice and qualifying days are substantially cheaper) and go up to around €1400.

Get your tickets from monaco-grand-prix.com or formula1monaco.com

What’s On

Thursday 24th May – Formula 1 practice sessions: 11:00-12:30 and 15:00-16:30

Friday 25th May – Various non-Formula 1 qualifying sessions

Saturday 26th May – 12:00-13:00 practice session; 15:00-16:00 qualifying session

Sunday 27th May – “Race Day” – Driver’s track parade starts at 13:40 and the Formula 1 race starts at 15:10


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