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group of friends travelling

8 tips to dealing with money when travelling in a group

When you’re travelling as a group, money can be the cause of tension. Here are 8 budgeting tips so you can enjoy the holiday and not worry about finances.

Q&A: Brexit – what it means for holiday makers

United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union (called Brexit). Sharron Livingston answers readers' questions about how this will affect holiday makers.
foreign currency

Will currency fluctuations affect British holidaymakers?

How will GBP fluctuations versus USD and EUR affect consumers’ travel decisions? Jo Chipchase investigates.
Destination road signs

Top five tips for a worry free Gap Year

Taking a gap year? Stay safe with these easy to follow tips.
Malaria mosquito bite

How to prevent malaria while travelling

Malaria, one of the world's biggest killers, is an infectious disease passed on by a mosquito bite. The following separates facts from myths, answers frequently asked questions and helps prevent malaria while travelling.
Airport carousel

What to do if your luggage is lost or damaged

You are at the carousel but your bag doesn't show. It's worth noting what to do if your luggage is lost or damaged.
sleeping on airplane

6 tips to getting a good night’s sleep on a long haul flight

The best and most productive way to pass your time on a long haul flight is to fall asleep. But nodding off into a deep slumber can be elusive.
drinking alcohol is not permitted

13 things NOT TO DO when travelling abroad

Know a bit about the culture before you go to stay out of trouble abroad.
hacker digital identity

Identity theft while travelling abroad: how to avoid falling victim

No matter where you are in the world, the concept of identity theft and fraud is a very real one. Experian brings you 7 useful tips to protect yourself and your identity when travelling.
hand luggage at airport

Cabin hand luggage reviewed: which is best for you?

Which is the best cabin luggage for families with kids, for business fliers, for those who travel light...? Jo Chipchase investigates.

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