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Product review: “unbreakable” sunglasses by GRESSO

by Lucy Woods
AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO

Finding a good pair of sunglasses when you travel regularly can be quite challenging. You want them to be comfortable, lightweight and able to withstand being bashed about in your bag, sat on and dropped. They also need to make you look good when you’re posing for your Instagram pics.

Having searched around I decided to try out the new sunglasses by GRESSO, previously known for producing high-end mobile phones sold in the likes of Harrods and Bergdorf Goodman.

The GRESSO sunglasses are designed and produced in Downtown Miami and cater to both men and women. The frames are made from aerospace grade titanium, making them hypoallergenic, anti-corrosive and (GRESSO claim) virtually unbreakable. They also weigh a mere 14-18 grams, making them 50% lighter than regular eyewear.


So how did they fare? I chose the AUSTIN sunglasses as this type of frame tends to suit my face-shape. They arrived in a beautifully presented box and came with cleaning cloth and natty carry case that folds flat when not in use. I gave them a quick try and was amazed at how light they felt – I could barely feel them on my face. Importantly, they also looked good and satisfyingly high-end.

AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO

AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO

The sunglasses arrived just in time for my 10-day trip to Thailand and Cambodia, where temperatures can reach up to 35°C at this time of year. I spent the majority of my holiday wearing a cap as well as the sunglasses, and on previous trips this has caused some uncomfortable pinching behind my ears.

This was not an issue with the GRESSO sunglasses as they are very light and the end of the frames are coated with soft silicone to reduce pressure points. The nose pads never left dents on the bridge of my nose which was an added bonus.

The only slight niggle was the silicone tips would stick to my hair when I took off the sunglasses. However this was a small price to pay for long-lasting comfort – I regularly wore the sunglasses for hours at a time. I was particularly grateful for them during my visit to the Angkor Wat complex as we were out in the blazing sunshine for an entire day, with little time in the shade.

Wearing the AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO on my trip to Cambodia

Wearing the AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO on my trip to Cambodia (c) Lucy Woods

I also managed to test out the claim they were unbreakable, having dropped them on several occasions. I gave up putting them in the case as they seemed to withstand being squashed and bashed in my bag. The nylon lenses are also anti-reflective and scratch resistant, and can be pushed flat without breaking.

I was also very impressed with the “high-resolution” effect the lenses created, making everything I looked at clear and sharp. I did need to give the lenses a good clean on several occasions and the cloth was perfectly adequate for the job.

Verdict: the GRESSO sunglasses are super comfortable, stylish and withstood every (unintended) attempt to break them. They came home looking brand new and this gives me hope they will survive for many trips to come.

Prices start at $235 (the AUSIN glasses are $245) and all sunglasses have a 10-year warranty. Currently they are only available to purchase in the US (free shipping and returns). GRESSO plan to ship internationally soon so watch this space.


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