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Review: Pocketalk S hand held instant translator

Pocketalk S is a translation device that makes conversation easy

by Sharron Livingston

At first glance, the Pocketalk S  looks like a small mobile phone. It’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand, easy on the eye and thanks to its touchscreen it is easy to use. Plus it’s small enough to slip it into your top pocket.

It translates instantly into and from  882  languages so it’s worth taking everywhere with you. That means when you use it, the conversation can flow as it automatically adjusts between the two languages and translate in real-time. Conveniently, it can be used in noisy places too like supermarkets and bars.

Impressively it can pick up local dialects and even slang. For example, you can choose English dialects from Australia, the UK, the USA and even India. Clever.

Street signs and menus can be translated too by using its camera feature.

It also comes with a complimentary 2-year mobile data plan that provides coverage in over 130 countries/regions. The bonus is that you can use this device to learn a new language with its Pronunciation Practice Mode.


When you can’t speak the local lingo, this little device is a must-have.

Price: £259

Get it now at Amazon


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