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Activ5: A workout in your pocket – do it on the plane, train, standing or sitting

Activ5 is a portable fitness device that allows you to workout while sitting down and track your progress.
Anker In-Hand

Product review: Anker PowerCore 10K Wireless portable charger

Charge your phone, wireless earbuds or tablet by placing them on Anker’s new and nifty wireless portable charger, which includes an 18-month warranty.

Product Review: Go vegan with refillable natural deodorants from Wild

Body freshness is high on the list of priorities for many. Yet the shelves jostle with a myriad of deodorants, many of which disappoint...
Sun bloc and sunbathing

Product review: Heinrich Barth sunscreen and aftersun

Sunscreen and aftersun products that are so easily absorbed they leave no trace. Joy.

Product review: M4U 8 noise cancelling headphones

The M4U 8 headphones by PSB promise to block out outside noise with their RoomFeel technology, as if you are listening to music in your own sitting room.
SIT watches

Product review: travel watch by Swiss Identity Time

The SIT multi-purpose travel watch promises to help prevent sunburn, ward off mosquitos and even help with travel sickness. We give it a try.
SpotyPal bluetooth tracker

Product review: Spotypal bluetooth tracker

Spotypal tracks your lost/misplaced items, with the added addition of an SOS button to alert your loved ones in urgent situations. We take a closer look.
AUSTIN sunglasses by GRESSO

Product review: “unbreakable” sunglasses by GRESSO

The newly developed luxury sunglasses by GRESSO have solid titanium frames and claim to be unbreakable. Lucy Woods tests them out on a trip to Cambodia.
Tile Mate Keychain, by Matt Brown

Product Review: Tile Mate Tracker

Tile claim that their tracking product Tile Mate can help find lost items like keys and purses. Lucy Woods who is notorious for losing hers, tries it out.
Gate8 Cabin Mate

Luggage Review: Gate8 Cabin Mate

Gate8 Cabin Mate is not just a standard carry-on suitcase, it is a suitcase, a rucksack and a laptop bag, all-in-one.

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