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Siesta and Go: a new nap bar opens in Madrid

by Sharron Livingston
Madrid's new nap bar

As the Spanish sun reaches its peak around midday, shops and businesses traditionally close for an hour so for their siesta – a short slumber – before opening again late afternoon. It’s part of the Spanish culture.

However, modern businesses and professionals working long hours such as lawyers and bankers, have had to forgo this tradition for some time.

That is about to change thanks to a new nap bar – Siesta & Go, that has opened in Madrid. Located in Azca, Madrid’s financial centre, high flyers from nearby HSBC, Google and Deloitte can rest their heads for an hour for €14 (£12.32) for a revitalising power nap in a private bedroom returning to work better for it. If they are happy to share, a bunk bed is available for €8 (£6.60).

Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza, the founder of Siesta & Go said: “It’s funny that we’re known for the siesta, but we haven’t been professional about it.”

Siesta & Go have 19 beds and there’s no chance of oversleeping as they will wake you up when your allotted time has passed.

This concept of a nap bar is not new

Tokyo, Japan’s capital, has been offering “capsule hotels” for years offering exhausted businessmen and travellers tiny spaces to enjoy some snooze time.

In China, workers have, what’s considered a Constitutional right, to take a break after lunch and put their heads on their desks for an hour-long nap.

In Italy the riposo may begin anytime between noon and 1:30pm and lasts a couple of hours. Businesses, museums and churches lock their doors so their employees can go home for a leisurely lunch and a snooze.

At Siesta & Go, it’s not all about getting some shut-eye though. You could pop in just for a cuppa, to read the papers, use their free Wi-Fi and even store luggage if you happen to be a tourist.

Siesta & Go is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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