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people sitting in airplane

Top 10 yoga tips to aid long-haul flying

Yoga teacher Katy Appleton shares her yoga techniques for alleviating the stresses and strains of travelling long haul.
Whitby Abbey

7 budget Halloween getaways across the world

You still have more than a ghost of a chance of booking budget accommodation in time for your Halloween getaway to Ireland, Canada, USA, England, Sweden, New Zealand or Slovenia.
bags at airport

Airport Security – What Can You Take Through?

Despite media attention, travellers are still confused about what they can take through airport security. Sharron Livingston answers some of the most pressing questions passengers are asking.
X-Ray body scanner

How revealing is the X-ray scanner at the airport?

How revealing is the Electronic scanner? Is modesty preserved? What can it detect - apart from the body? We answer these and other questions about the airport body scanner.
New York City NYC

Top 10 things to see and do in New York City

New York, the 'city that never sleeps', is one of the world's most exciting, most colourful and most intoxicating destinations. Here is our top 10 guide.
Quito city panorama, Ecuador

Travel Guide to Ecuador

Essential information you needed to know about Ecuador before travelling there: location, weather, currency, entry requirements, how to get in, how to get around, health advice, etiquette, and more.
Ecuador on the world map

Ecuador: country overview

Ecuador may be small but this South American country is huge in history, adventure culture and architecture. In a single day you can drive from the Amazon Basin to the Pacific coast, passing glaciated Andean volcanoes.
Flag of Ecuador

Ecuador Tourist Office and other useful addresses

Information about Ecuador tourist office and other useful addresses
boats in St Lucia

8 hostels at exotic holiday locations around the world

Whether it’s cocktails in St. Lucia or Geothermal Spas in Reykjavik, by staying in a hostel, anyone can experience the world’s chicest destinations.
two electric guitars

10 weird and wonderful British and Irish festivals

With many of them free to attend and offering activities ranging from catching a wild-goat to the more traditional British beer festival, these offer the perfect way to spend your summer without breaking the bank!

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