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33% would back higher green flying taxes but would not stop flying

By TravelMole on 30 September 2007 in Travel Articles

One-in-three (33%) of UK adults would support new taxes on air fares if the money raised were used to offset the environmental damage caused by flights, according to new research.

In addition, 19% of UK adults say they are already taking, or will in future take, more holidays in the UK in response to environmental concerns, the survey from management and infrastructure consultancy Hyder Consulting shows.

Yet despite this apparent high level of eco-consciousness, the majority of people are still unwilling to sacrifice foreign breaks to reduce their carbon footprint.

More than half (59%) of those polled said they would still not consider switching overseas holidays to UK breaks.

In total, less than 20% of UK adults say they have reduced the total amount of air travel they do in response to environmental concerns.

Hyder Consulting head of environmental solutions Chris Evans said: "It is surprising that so many UK adults say they would support higher taxes on air travel to offset the environmental impact, especially given that relatively few people say they are willing to start taking holidays in the UK or reduce the amount of air travel they do.

"It would appear that while many more UK adults are aware of the environmental damage that air travel can do, and are willing to pay to offset the damage created by flights, they are not prepared to stop flying or to give up the travel opportunities that this sort of transport offers." 


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