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Travelling to Gibraltar? All you need to know for a hassle-free trip

Everything you need to know for a hassle-free trip to Gibraltar

Q&A: If I travel to the Thai island of Phuket under “Phuket Sandbox”, how soon can I visit the other islands?

The "Phuket Sandbox" came into force on July 1 and means the country could trial a soft opening of its borders to allow visits without quarantine.

Q&A: if I get track & traced or “pinged” before my holiday do I need to cancel the trip?

The law is different depending on whether you get " pinged" by the NHS Covid app or track-and-traced with a phone call or email.
Scottish Bagpiper at Glen Coe, Scotland

Q&A: Do I need a Covid test to fly to Scotland

Covid tests are voluntary for travel from the UK - assuming you have not visited an amber or red list country within the last 10 days.
Girls swimming

Q&A: We want to holiday with our 2 kids, both are under 11. Do they need PCR test?

Q: We want to take a holiday with our two kids to Portugal this summer. Both are under 11 (4 and 8 years old). Do they need a pre-departure PCR test to return back to the UK?
Sintra Palace, Lisbon, Portugal

Q&A: Will I be able to holiday in Portugal this summer? UPDATE

Portugal is no longer on the travel red list.
Cala Macarella, Balearics

Q&A: Is it safe to travel to the Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca – UPDATE

Holidaymakers love the Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and there's hope that tourists will be able to visit in the next few months.
Empire State Building, New York

Q&A: I have an opportunity to do some work in the US. I already have a US Visa. Can I get there despite the travel ban?

Currently travel to the US for non-US residents is banned and that includes travel from Britain.

Q&A: Is it too early to book a summer holiday?

There is so much uncertainty right now, should holiday hopefuls take the plunge and book?

Q&A: Will my travel insurance cover me for Covid?

It has always been essential to buy the right travel insurance to provide enough cover when things go wrong. Now that includes Covid cover.

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