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How to wear a face mask

Exposing the nose or inserting a hole around the mouth area defeats the object.

by Sharron Livingston

Whatever your thoughts on the usefulness of face masks, there’s no way around it, the face mask is here to stay – at least for the time being. 

Airlines enforce this already and the recent emergence of the Omicron variant has edged the government to tighten restrictions and that includes making wearing a mask mandatory on transport and in shops. The government says that people ignoring newly reintroduced mask rules face a £200 fine and if you continue to defy the rules the fines could increase progressively to £6,400.

However, for the mask to actually be a good defence against the Covid virus and its variants it has to be worn properly.

Surprisingly some are unaware that wearing a mask just over the mouth leaving the nose exposed does not serve the purpose. Or that tearing a hole around the mouth area to breathe easier also negates any benefit since the whole point is to avert the risk of breathing in the virus.

So exactly how should you wear a mask? 


  • wear a proper mask rather than a makeshift one.
  • put it on by using the ear loops.
  • completely cover both your mouth and nose and ensure it fits snugly around the face and chin.
  • throw away your disposable mask after wearing it.
  • wash your reusable masks after each wear.
  • choose cloth face coverings and disposable face coverings that are made with multiple layers (at least 2).


  • touch the mouth-covering portion. 
  • wear a mask while swimming.
  • wear the mask below your mouth or chin.

For more information about mask-wearing, here is a nifty video we found on Youtube that uncovers exactly how to wear a mask:

Stay safe.


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