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Wonderful Havana

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Wonderful Havana by Eddie Lennon

by Eddie Lennon

Enjoy the best of Havana, with this award-winning guide, extensively updated in September 2015. Wonderful Havana continues to provide an insight into the most exciting aspects of the Cuban capital.

This new edition features several new private restaurants, bars and cafés in Havana. It also includes updated information on venues which were previously recommended and, having visited them again recently, found them to be still worthy of inclusion. The authors have removed several restaurants from our recommendations due to falling standards, and have given these a quick but important mention in the ever-expanding sections “Where not to eat In Havana” and “Restaurants that are just average.” These sections also include some new, trendy, restaurants which were found to be grossly overhyped.

The guide also included some new recommendations of places to stay in Havana.

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Read the extract from the book here: Secret Havana – discover places only locals know about

Secret Havana – discover places only locals know about


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